Mar Menor Golf Course and Village
Intercontinental Hotel at Mar Menor
La Torre Golf Course
The Residencies and Swimming Pool
El Valle Golf Course
Hotel Guadalmina
Gran Hotel Monterrey


  Local Rules which apply to all 6 golf courses

1.    Out of bounds (Rule 27.1)

The course boundary is marked by white stakes or metal fences

2.    Water obstacles (Rule 26.1)

The water obstacles are defined by yellow stakes. The red stakes define lateral obstacles

3.    Abnormal land conditions (Rule 25)

The areas in repair are marked with blue stakes

4.    Obstructions (Rule 24)

Movable: Any movable object that could be moved without an excessive effort and without undue delay. The stones in the bunkers are considered movable obstructions (Rule 24.1 applied)]Unmovable: Construction or artificial objects fixed in the ground, such as water sprinkler        irrigation systems, distance markers etc

5.    Etiquette

Repair pitch marks on the green, replace divots and rake the bunkers. Always maintain your position on the course if you let others play through should slow play occur. Do not practice onthe course.

6.    Right of way

Rounds of 18 holes have preference over those of 9 holes.


Golf Course Location

Location of the 6 golf courses